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Michael Noonan in mourning as sister Mary among three women killed in horror crash

Former finance minister Michael Noonan is mourning the loss of his sister Mary, who was among three women killed in a road crash.

Tributes were also paid to Mary Costello (73) and Mary Bradley (77) who died with Ms Noonan in the two-car crash.

Mary Griffin (70), a passenger in 78-year-old Ms Noonan’s car, was the only survivor in the collision.

Ms Bradley was the driver and sole occupant of one of the cars in the crash, which happened at about 6.30pm on Thursday on the N69 just outside Loghill village in west Limerick.

Ms Noonan, who lived in Loghill, was driving her friends Ms Griffin and Ms Costello to the Listowel Writers’ Festival in Kerry when the accident happened.