Low Carb Food

Low-carb diets might be best for maintaining weight loss, study says

The best way to maintain weight loss may be to change your diet to one low in carbohydrates, according to new research.

The study, published Wednesday in the journal BMJ, involved 164 overweight or obese people. Their weight was brought down by 12%, and they were stabilized at that weight and put on a high-, medium- or low-carbohydrate diet for 20 weeks.
The diets were made up of 20% carbs and protein and 60% fat, 40% carbs and fat and 20% protein, or 60% carbs and 20% protein and fat.
“We found that the type of diet people ate had a major impact on their metabolism. Those on the low-carbohydrate diet burned about 250 calories a day more than those on the high-carbohydrate diet, even though all the groups were the same weight,” said Dr. David Ludwig, principal investigator of the study and co-director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital.
While participants were on these diets, their calorie intake was controlled so that they maintained the baseline weight. If a participant started to lose or gain weight, their calorie intake was increased or decreased.