Games Technology

Google’s gaming platform to launch in Ireland this November

Google has confirmed that its long-awaited first foray into gaming will be available in Ireland from launch this November.

The internet giant’s Stadia platform does not require a console and allows users to play games across a range of internet-connected devices by connecting to Google cloud servers.

Google says all that will be needed to play games through Stadia are an internet connection, a controller or keyboard, and a device with Google’s Chrome browser. A Chromecast will enable gamers to play via their TVs.

Its dedicated controller will connect directly to the Google data centres in an effort to minimise the potential for any lagging issues – or a delay – during gameplay. The controller will also include a ‘capture’ button that will allow gamers to record their play and upload it to YouTube.

Google recommends a minimum 10Mbps internet connection to play Stadia at the bare minimum 720p resolution, but those with broadband speeds of 35Mbps or faster will be able to play in 4K.