Theresa May

Decision on Irish border ‘out of UK’s control,’ says Theresa May

Theresa May has said any decision on a hard Irish border could be largely out of Britain’s control.

The British Prime Minister has been taking questions at a House of Commons committee on Brexit.

The deal for the UK to leave the EU is being scrutinised by senior British politicians.

Asked about any scenario that could see a hard border, Mrs May said it is mostly out of their control.

She said: “We are not the only party to this arrangement. Obviously, there is the Irish Government, in fact, competence in this is a matter for the European Union.

“We would do everything we could not to erect a hard border. It would be a decision for the European Union and the Irish Government, and the concern that they would have would be about the fact that we would then be in a different set of circumstances on customs.”